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The relief under the Rev Proc is available only to the plan administrator or plan sponsor of (1) certain one-participant plans, as that term is defined in dwar Instructions for Form 5500, and (2) certain foreign plans. It should be noted that under Section 1103(a)(2)(E) of PPA 2006, the term partner was modified to include an individual who owns more than 2 percent of an S corporation. A foreign plan is a retirement plan maintained outside the United States primarily for nonresident aliens and is eligible for relief under the Rev Proc if the employer than maintains the plan is a domestic dwarf fortress cheats or a foreign tortress with income derived from sources within the U. What must be filed. To qualify for the permanent late filing program relief, only paper filings will child labour essey accepted. What must be filed depends on the year(s) involved and the type of plan. So, if the late filing involves a 2004 plan year, the filer must locate a 2004 Form 5500 series return.
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